Kenny Anhalt ’14, ESPN

Through the Princeternship program I had the privilege of shadowing Bryce Gama, a director of Business Strategy at The Walt Disney Company’s ESPN. From the outset Bryce was extremely warm and informative. He welcomed me to join him in several meetings, providing background information as needed and carefully explaining answers to each of my questions. Throughout the day I was introduced to many of Bryce’s coworkers, who generously discussed why they find their jobs fulfilling. My learning during the experience was qualitatively unique in that I gained information that cannot simply be found on a website. By spending time in Bryce’s office environment I witnessed the idiosyncratic atmosphere of The Walt Disney Company. Thus, by exposing students to open professionals in their everyday workspace, the Princeternship program provides a phenomenal opportunity for Princeton undergraduates to learn about a career they hope to pursue.