Thomas Zdyrski ’15, MITRE

Tom-ZdyriskiWhile attempting to pursue a career in military research and development, I found it somewhat difficult to find straightforward, candid answers to many of my questions. Harder still was finding a way to gain first-hand experience in such a classified field. Therefore, when I found this Princeternship at MITRE Corp., I realized that it could not only answer many of my inquiries, but it would also accord me a very rare glimpse into this fascinating sector. However, I had not anticipated the multitude of other benefits I would experience or the interesting people I would meet.

Monday morning, I met up with the Kristin—the other Princetern—and our host, Sandeep Mulgund *94. After returning to Sandeep’s office, he described the basic operating principles of the company as well as the various projects being pursued. Following this, we toured some of the numerous labs scattered throughout the MITRE complex. In the computer lab, some of the employees were generous enough to give Kristin and I a brief demo of their work. While the technology was fascinating, the most interesting aspect was meeting all of the incredible people, including another alumni from Princeton. Next, Sandeep treated us to lunch where we discussed more casual topics such as Princeton life and how things have changed since he was a graduate student. Finally, upon returning to MITRE, we were able to meet with the chief engineer. After receiving invaluable advice from such a knowledgeable source, Kristin and I were each honored with two commemorative coins. After some parting words, we concluded our Princeternship equipped with invaluable information, new networks, and amazing friends. It was an amazing experience that I’m sure will prove beneficial in the future; therefore, I’d like to thank Sandeep and all the other MITRE employees who took time out of their busy schedules to give us a brief glimpse into life outside the Orange Bubble.