Grzegorz Nowak ’15, Ganchi Plastic Surgery

Greg-NowakThe first day of my Princeternship at Ganchi Plastic Surgery was an “office day” during which I shadowed Dr. Parham Ganchi ’87.  We saw patients for anything ranging from a first-time consultation to a Botox/Juvederm injection to a post-operation exam less than 24 hours after surgery!  With a rainy/snowy morning, Dr. Ganchi humorously said it always threw the rest of the day off.  The down time, however, gave me the wonderful chance to get to know Dr. Ganchi.  It was inspiring hearing Dr. Ganchi talk about why he decided on doing plastic surgery.  Dr. Ganchi described his typical patient as someone with a small insecurity that bothers them.  All of the procedures Dr. Ganchi performs, whether a breast augmentation or liposuction, are generally not very invasive (anesthesia used still allows you to breathe on your own) and are performed only on patients in generally good health.  With a minimal risk if done correctly by a board certified plastic surgeon, plastic surgery helps these patients live a happier life. 

What was even more incredible is seeing this reflected in Dr. Ganchi’s interaction with his patients because it truly reflected his passion.  Dr. Ganchi spent a lot of time talking to each and every one of his patients to help get them looking the way they want.  Dr. Ganchi explained that patients come in with an idea of what procedure they think will get them where they want, but the doctor really knows best and by talking they can figure this out together and make the procedure specific to the patient.  Since rest is a key part of every procedure, Dr. Ganchi made sure to carefully emphasize this to his patients because, in plastic surgery, the result depends almost 50/50 between the job that the doctor does and how the patient rests.  However, the patient isn’t aware of this unless the doctor takes the time to make it very explicit since many patients either come in with the idea that they’ll be in great pain or be able to go dancing the next day, both of which are common misconceptions. 

On the second day of my Princeternship, Dr. Ganchi was performing three surgeries:  a breast augmentation followed by two liposuctions and lipoinjections.  Nowak 1Seeing live surgery being performed for the first time was a very fun learning experience.  The atmosphere of the operating room with Dr. Ganchi, his two surgical assistants, Carly and Tara, and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Lee, helped me fully realize that this was something I would love to do one day. 

Altogether speaking, I can honestly say that my Princeternship experience was not only an invaluable experience for my future in medicine, but also a very fun two days with a great doctor and even better person.  Just getting to know Dr. Ganchi was motivating because he emulated the type of doctor I hope to one day be.  Moreover, the fun he had from learning was infectious, for example, we would trade phrases in Spanish as he has been teaching himself the language after going on a trip to Spain with his kids.  It was rewarding learning not only from Dr. Ganchi, but also the team that makes everything happen so flawlessly.  I am so glad and grateful someone as caring and welcoming as Dr. Ganchi was there to share his experiences and work with me.  I love helping others achieve their dreams because there were so many people along the way that helped me achieve mine. I am proud to say Dr. Ganchi has inspired me in this way, which is what makes the Princeternship program so special!