Robert Siliciano ’15, Roundview Capital

Rob-SilicianoI met my Princeternship host, Steve Shueh ’97, at his firm Roundview Capital. To teach me about banking and finance, Mr. Shueh showed me how the banks published annual reports to their investors, and identified sections where the interesting and helpful information resided. These reports let me see large differences between the banks. In their descriptions of operations, they listed the various functions which the bank preforms, along with the size of the operation, and its progress for the last several years.

Mr. Shueh also introduced me to the financial information powerhouse that is a Bloomberg terminal. After a tour of its use, I proceeded to use the terminal to find more information on the banks whose reports I had read. While I was getting used to the interface and structure of the terminal, I had the opportunity to observe professionals using the system, and see a bit of how they make presentations for clients.

Over lunch, Mr. Shueh, a colleague, and I discussed what I had been learning. Now that I understand the activities of the various banks, Mr. ShuehSiciliano 1 explained the impact of macroeconomic events on the sizes and operations of these various businesses. He and his coworker were also able to explain and clarify the jargon found deep with the annual reports. After that, we discussed money managing, the relevant skills, and stories they had of a typical day.

After lunch, Mr. Shueh brought up other aspects of finance and banking, and pointed me to new sources of information. The things that Mr. Shueh taught me during this Princeternship will be very helpful in my career planning. I am very grateful to Mr. Shueh for the opportunity to learn so much about careers in finance