Megan Dare ’16, SEI

Megan-DareMy one-day Princeternship at S.E.I. Investments Company was a valuable experience that allowed me to gain insight into what a job in the field of wealth management would be like.  I arrived at S.E.I.’s campus at 9:30 a.m. with the question “What kinds of career paths are available that will allow me to continue to pursue my interest in Economics after graduation?”  By the time the day ended at 4:30, I had a list full of answers.

The structure of the day was such that I had an opportunity to observe a number of the business units within the company, including fixed asset management and investment manager services. These job shadows were especially helpful in allowing me to take a look more specifically at the nature of certain job functions. At one point during the day, I even had an opportunity to apply knowledge that I had learned in my macroeconomics class to a real problem! Later, I had lunch with employees who had been recently hired to hear their advice on finding and securing a job in the finance industry. Hearing their personal experiences really gave me an idea of what to expect within the next few years during my transition from undergraduate education to the work force.

The highlight of the day wasSEImdare having the chance to meet with Princeton alumna Susan Ramonat ’80. More than one person earlier in the day had expressed their respect and admiration toward my host: “She’s truly an inspiration,” one employee stated. Upon meeting Ms. Ramonat all of their kind words were confirmed. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work at S.E.I. is contagious. After hearing what Ms. Ramonat does in her position in Enterprise Risk Management, I was able to sit in on a meeting between her and a fellow co-worker. Before the day ended we got to chat for a few minutes about life at Princeton.

“Princeterning” at S.E.I. over Spring Break was certainly a positive experience that has helped to inform my decision of which career path I would be most interested in pursuing after graduation. I would like to thank everyone, especially Ms. Ramonat, for making this such a positive learning experience for me.