Shirley Wu ’15, Oliver Wyman

Shirley-WuMy Princeternship at Oliver Wyman was a unique opportunity to gain insight into the management consulting industry, and helped me define my personal career goals. The day was very well planned, and demonstrated the company’s commitment to providing an exceptional and informative experience. Along with seven other students, we started the day with an office tour and a presentation introducing Oliver Wyman and the consulting industry. The office environment was much more casual than I had expected, and we saw a lot of consultants lively chatting with one another, enjoying a quick break or snack, and generally in a good mood. They seemed happy to be at Oliver Wyman, and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

We met with alum Kirk Saari ’99 and a handful of other alums who talked about their experiences with Oliver Wyman, and the different practice areas and projects they have worked on. Another alum walked us through the interview process for potential candidates and ran a mock case interview with us. The most enlightening part of this Princeternship was the round table and networking lunch. We got to probe deeper into the consultants’ experiences and got some candid career advice. It was pretty clear that it takes a certain type of personality to enjoy management consulting, and everyone was very clear in emphasizing that this job is not for everyone. They discussed the highlights and the challenges of their jobs, ranging from the variety of projects, interaction with personnel from other companies, and their hours. Overall, it was a great day, and I urge anyone who is curious about consulting, but may not quite understand what it is, to participate in the Princeternship Program.