Joanna Mieczkowska ’16, U.S. Attorney’s Office Department of Justice

Joanna-MieczkowskaThrough the Princeternship program, I had the unique opportunity to spend a day with Ms. Sabrina Comizzoli ’92 and see the interworking of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey.  This experience expanded my knowledge of law careers in the public sector and also gave me the amazing opportunity to speak with several Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  Throughout the day, I received many points of advice that ultimately reinforced my interest in a law career.

When I arrived at the United States Attorney’s Office, Ms. Sabrina Comizzoli, the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, greeted me in the waiting area. She gave me a tour of the offices, introduced me to her coworkers and walked me through the agenda for the day. After spending some time speaking with Ms. Comizzoli in her office, I attended four meetings with Assistant U.S. Attorneys that Ms. Comizzoli planned for me.  During the 20 minutes I spent with each attorney, I was able to ask any questions I had and each person I met was very willing to share his/her experiences, current work responsibilities and points of advice. After my four meetings, Ms. Sabrina Comizzoli and I walked to the U.S. Courthouse where we sat in on an initial hearing in a current federal drug case.

For lunch, Ms. Comizzoli and I went to a local pizzeria where we spoke not only about her job but also about family, Princeton and careers.  In the afternoon, I met with four more Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  Just as in the morning, during each personal meeting I was able to ask any questions I had about the law field, their specific divisions and advice for prospective law students.

In general, this experience Joanna M 1has been very rewarding, and I learned more about the legal field than I expected I would in just one day!  I met many talented and successful attorneys, who were all very welcoming and willing to share their experiences and points of advice. One aspect that really stood out for me at the U.S. Attorney’s Office was the welcoming and friendly work environment. Even though the U.S. Attorney’s Office extends over many divisions and several floors, all of the attorneys and staff knew each other and each person I met seemed genuinely happy to be working there.

I would like to especially thank Ms. Comizzoli for this great opportunity because this Princeternship experience would not have been possible without her and the time she dedicated to setting up this eventful day.  I would also like to thank the eight Assistant U.S. Attorneys who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with me throughout the day and answer any questions I had. I recommend anyone who is interested in law to apply for this Princeternship in the future.