John Yixian Su ’16, Oliver Wyman

John SuOn a breezy Friday morning during Spring Break I took the 8 am Dinky to NY Penn Station and then took the subway to Oliver Wyman’s headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. Once I got there I met up with the other Princeterns and we received an agenda for the day.

All of the Princeterns then met with our host, Mr. Kirk P. Saari ’99 as well as Margaret Kurtzman, one of the campus recruiters. Margaret gave us a brief tour of the office space as we ventured around various areas, such as the “salon” where there was a fully stocked kitchen and ping-pong table. Eventually, we arrived at the conference room we would be staying in for most of day.

Mr. Saari began by giving us an introduction into consulting and what Oliver Wyman specializes in. Then Jim Behot ’11 gave a presentation on how to land an internship or job in the consulting industry. We were given examples of case studies that would be asked at consulting interviews. In addition, the eight  Princeterns split up into two teams and were presented with a mock case to analyze and come up with a solution.

After a short break, there was a consultant roundtable Q&A session with three more Princeton alumni currently working at Oliver Wyman: Laura Bock ’12, Ori Daniel ’12, and Michael Duane ’07. They gave us insight into what a typical day is like as well as some of the more memorable projects they’ve worked on since joining the firm.

Finally, we had a very generous lunch with more Princeton alumni at the firm, which also included Kristin Cordwell ’13 and Megan Karande ’13.  It was a good opportunity to learn more about various experiences at Princeton and at Oliver Wyman. Overall, I think this Princeternship gave me a very good “day on the job” experience at a leading management-consulting firm. I was able to learn a good amount about what the lifestyles at Oliver Wyman are like in addition to hearing the diverse experiences of various Princeton alumni. I want to thank our host Mr. Saari, Oliver Wyman, and Princeton Career Services for making this great experience possible!