Hello future doctors/veterinarians/dentists/those interested
in a possible career in medicine:

The Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) is a program created by the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) to offer guidance and support to undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. SNMA is an organization dedicated to people of color and underserved communities. Through various initiatives, SNMA aims to increase the degree of diversity in the medical profession by promoting levels of minority student recruitment, admissions, and retention in schools training healthcare professionals. These efforts will work to improve the quality of healthcare in underserved communities and to increase the number of “clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians” (www.snma.org). SNMA members work with MAPS chapters at nearby undergraduate institutions to advise them about the medical school application process, the medical school admissions test (MCAT), and to serve as mentors to undergraduate students to help them successfully matriculate into medical school.

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