Gilder Lehrman Institute launches new educational website based on the collection of Sid Lapidus in the Princeton University Library

The Gilder Lehrman Institute recently launched a new educational website:

“Liberty and the American Revolution
Selections from the Collection of Sid Lapidus, Princeton University”

According to GLI’s associate director of education: “In addition to highlighting documents from the Sid Lapidus Collection the interactive includes:

• Lesson plans by Rosanne Lichatin (NJ), Nathan McAlister (KS), and Anthony Napoli (NY)

• Videos featuring: Nicole Eustance, Gordon Wood, John Shovlin, and David Armitage.

• Links to the catalog entries on Princeton’s website, Common Core units, DBQs appropriate for the AP/IB Level, and a selected bibliography for those who would like to explore the topics further.”