New Finding Aids for October 2015

“One Night’s Catch”; Salmon Fish Wheel and Operators in The Dalles, Oregon, 1894 from D.C. Herrin “Columbia River Scenery” Photographs (C1512).

“One Night’s Catch”; Salmon Fish Wheel and Operators in The Dalles, Oregon, 1894 from D. C. Herrin “Columbia River Scenery” Photographs (C1512).


New finding aids include the following:

D. C. Herrin “Columbia River Scenery” Photographs (C1512)

Consists of 13 mounted albumen card photographs from Oregon photographer D. C. Herrin’s “Columbia River Scenery” series that depict various scenes along the river, including views of waterfalls; sites such as The Dalles, the Columbia River Gorge, and Mount Hood; and steamships. Herrin took the photographs via The Dalles, Portland, & Astoria Navigation Company (DP&AN) steamers and via the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company (OR&N) line.

Textual amulet in Latin and Occitan, circa 1375-1425 (Princeton MS. 235)

Textual amulet for the bearer’s personal protection and healing, written and illustrated in Southern France on a parchment sheet, which was folded and worn on the body, probably in a pouch or purse. It was later pasted down on cardboard. Three columns (55, 23, 55 lines respectively) with brief apotropaic texts and images: (1) Readings from the Four Gospels; (2) “Nomina domini Ihesu Christi. Quils portara ab devocio no morta…,” with text in Latin and Occitan, first offering promises of protection, then listing 66 divine names for Christ, which are interspersed with crosses in red and blue; (3) Heavenly Letter, a version of an apocryphal Christian letter, ostensibly written by Christ to King Abgar V of Edessa (4 BCE-50CE), in Asia Minor (“Beatus est Abgare quia credisti in me…”); (4) “Protestacio ultilis. Firmiter Ihesum christum nazarenum esse filium dei et omnes articulis simbolum apostolicis et fide catholice… In cuius testimonium porto mecum presens scriptum.”; (5) “Arma Christi,” illustration of the Instruments of the Passion, executed in ink and color wash, with a surrounding inscription.


New additions to existing collections were added to the following finding aids:

Elena Garro Papers (C0827)

A 2015 purchase includes 23 handwritten letters from Octavio Paz to Elena Garro dating from June to October 1935. These are the oldest letters that exist in the papers from the Paz-Garro correspondence, predating their marriage in 1937. The Elena Garro Papers consist of manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, journals, photographs, and printed material of Mexican writer Elena Garro (1916-1998). Included in the papers is correspondence and personal documents of Garro’s daughter, Helena Paz Garro (1939-2014), a published poet.

Jean Labatut Papers (C0709)

A recent gift includes a 16mm lab copy of a film recorded by Jean Labatut as a passenger aboard the eastbound airship LZ 129 Hindenburg en route from Princeton University to the American School of Fine Arts at Fontainebleau, France, June 23-26, 1936, as it traveled between Lakehurst and Frankfurt am Main, by way of New York City, Saint John (New Brunswick), Prince Edward Island, Notre Dame Bay (Newfoundland), Isle of Man, Liverpool, Lincoln, Utrecht, Cologne, and the Rhine Valley (12 minutes, 44 seconds). The film was a gift of author John McPhee, Class of 1953, to whom Labatut lent it more than forty years ago when McPhee was researching his book The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed. A digital access copy of the film is available online through the finding aid.

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