Resources for Rare Books: A Work in Progress

Looking for the best resource to track down copies of a fifteenth-century printing (try ISTC)?  What about the vernacular equivalent for Ludguni Batauorum (Leiden, Netherlands, according to Latin Place Names)?  Need to find a rare, eighteenth-century American imprint (try NAIP)?  All of these questions (and more) can be answered via the new library guide, Resources for Rare Books: An Annotated Bibliography. Though still very much a work in progress, the bibliography is intended to provide quick access to standard reference works (both electronic and print) for many fields of study in the history of the book.  Currently, only a handful of subjects are briefly covered: incunabula, sixteenth-century printings, Americana, provenance, and book illustration. Eventually, however, this guide will encompass multiple fields of study and provide selected resources that are relevant to researching both a subject as a whole, as well as specific holdings and collections within the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.  In the meantime, you should have no problem in solving the riddle of the Ivy Hall Library bookplate found in the Firestone copy of Stowe’s Poganuc People (try Shelf and Ownership Marks of Selected Libraries and Collections Absorbed by the Princeton University Library).