Seniors, what are your post-graduation plans?


Wow, I can’t believe it. Three years ago, as a sophomore, I began working in Career Services as a Communications and Marketing intern. During this time, I learned so many new skills in the communications arena. I know so much more about social media and social media marketing as well as a lot of other facets of being a GREAT communications professional. I had the opportunity to assist at many Career Services events where I got to connect with so many alumni and employers over the years—and, of course, the Career Services staff. This is one of the things I will miss most about this job.

I’ve loved working with each and every member of the Career Services team. During my time in the office each week, I was able to talk to about life on and off-campus as well as get answers to my many career-related questions. I urge anyone who has not taken the time to visit the office to meet the staff and make use of its many resources to do so ASAP. You are truly doing yourself a disservice if you don’t!

For my last blog, I decided to hit campus to talk to fellow seniors about their post-graduation plans.  I wanted to know all the cool and exciting things my fellow seniors will be pursuing after they leave Princeton.  Some students are planning to head off to full time employment after graduation, while others are planning to travel and do cool programs such as Princeton In Asia. Not every senior knows what they are doing after graduation just yet and that’s totally fine. Some are still considering their options and/or developing a plan of action for their post-graduation job search. Others have decided to take the summer off for some much needed R&R.

So what will I be doing next year? Great Question. I am pleased to announce that next year I will be a Puttkammer Fellow at the Vera Institute of Justice in New York City.  I will be working with the Center on Sentencing and Corrections helping with the Pathways from Prison to Postsecondary Education project as well as helping to develop a volunteer-based education model that will be implemented in three different U.S. states. I’ll also be dipping my feet into some cool social media and media relations projects! I’m so excited for my next year at the Vera Institute and hope to blog there, too.  I am also in the process of developing my own brand management/social media consultant freelance services company. I’m hoping to take this passion of my mine and turn it into something bigger!

For those who don’t have a clear sense of what path you want to pursue just yet, my advice to you is not to worry. You’ll figure it out.  For those who do know– good luck!  I hope you pursue your passions and embark on a journey that will yield much success for you in the future. We made it, you guys! We’ve finally reached what we have been working so hard for the last four years… so do well on those finals and I’ll see you all at graduation!  To my readers, I want to thank you for following my blog. This is a not goodbye, but rather, see you later.

I’m only an email or a tweet away. If you want to stay in contact with me, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or via email at Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter (@rainshineluv).  I know the next year will be filled with many great opportunities. Thank you Career Services! Thank you Princeton! Thank you to everyone who has helped and guided me to where I am now.

~ On behalf of the entire Career Services’ staff, we wish Rana Campbell ’13 all of the very best! We will truly miss her in Career Services!