What are Princeton students doing over the summer?

Answer: An awful lot! Check out this video to get a glimpse at the plans some students have in store!

The past few weeks I went around campus interviewing students about their summer plans. From freshmen to upperclassmen, students are abuzz with blueprints for travel, research, study, and work in a wide variety of sectors from law to engineering, nonprofit work to language classes. While it’s not surprising to see Princeton students engaged, there was one trend that I didn’t expect–Princeton is going global in a HUGE way. Whether through Princeton’s International Internship Program or for senior thesis research, students are increasingly seeking experiences abroad. In fact, last year 27% of students reported spending some or all of their summer abroad. It seems like that number just keeps growing!

Here’s one caveat: If you DON’T have structured summer plans right now–no sweat. First of all, it’s your summer, and you should do what YOU want to do. Now, if what you want to do is land an internship, you’re not too late! Check out TigerTracks for the latest job postings, or make an appointment with a Career Services career counselor before classes end to discuss your opportunities. 

See you in September!