Play reviewed: The horse acted well

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Paul Pry, a comic drama written by the English playwright John Poole (1786-1872), premiered September 1825 at the Haymarket Theatre and ran 114 performances. Variations on the mischievous exploits of Pry continued until the early 1870s.

On May 21, 1826, the London Examiner announced: PAUL PRY ON HORSEBACK! ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE May 22d, and until further notice, the new local, characteristic, eccentric, panoramic, pedestrian, and equestrian speaking picture of life, manner, and peculiarity of the present day, called PAUL PRY on HORSEBACK … The Seventh appearance of the celebrated German Artist, Herr Cline, upon an Elastic Cord. Seventh time of Mr. Ducrow’s wonderful performance upon Three Horse at one time, in the character of the Chinese Enchanter. The Entertainment to commence with the forty-ninth representation of WAR in INDIA, or the Burmese.

A later review read in part: “…It was a very poor piece but there was some fun in Paul Pry’s jumping through the bar window of an inn on horseback. The horse acted well.”

The British caricaturist William Heath sometimes used Paul Pry as his pseudonym.

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