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i-8aa158c8b37920740bc1fca11724cc99-mattiseman.jpg Tiger of the Week: Matt Iseman ’93

As an undergraduate, Matt Iseman ’93 pitched for the Princeton baseball team. This month, the actor and comedian returned to the world of sports to pitch jokes. He hosts Sports Soup, a new cable show that airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Versus. The show uses video clips to poke fun at athletes, coaches, and commentators from the pro and college ranks. “We’re not trying to make anyone look bad or get anyone fired,” Iseman explained in an interview with the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “But we’re giving them the rope. If they want to hang themselves, we’ll let them and we’ll let you laugh about it.”
Iseman graduated from Columbia University’s medical school, but during his residency, he decided that Hollywood was his true calling. Since then, he’s landed gigs on the Style Network (as the Goto Guy on Clean House), the Game Show Network (as the host of Casino Night), and the long-running soap General Hospital, where he had a recurring role, though not as a doctor. That’s right: He is a doctor, but he does not play one on TV. He’s also our Tiger of the Week.
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