Memorial for Richard Ullman Scheduled for June 8

Richard Ullman (Larry French/Office of Communications)

Richard Ullman (Larry French/Office of Communications)

A memorial for Richard Ullman, a leading scholar and teacher of international affairs who died in March, will be held in Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Hall on June 8 at 2 p.m., with a reception afterward at Prospect House.

Ullman was known as one of Princeton’s most devoted teachers during his 36 years on the faculty at the Woodrow Wilson School. “He is a great teacher because he cares not only about his own thoughts but also about those of his colleagues and students,” colleagues wrote in 2001, the year he retired. “This, in part, is why we take him so seriously: because he takes others seriously ….” He published articles and books on such topics as Soviet-Western relations, nuclear policy, the Middle East, and U.S. security strategy.

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