Outside of Athens highlights in photos

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio.

These two are from our day trip to Delphi, most known for the Delphic Oracle. It’s also a major site of worship for Apollo, the god of the sun and prophecy. An interesting aspect of the cult at Delphi is that Apollo shared the site with Dionysus. Every year at the onset of winter, Apollo abandoned Delphi and left it to Dionysus.

Our class from afar in the ancient theatre at Delphi.

From our day excursion to Agistri, a small island in the Saronic Gulf. Only about 1,000 people live there and it’s not an especially common stop for tourists so we enjoyed the quiet and easygoing pace of the island. We had a blast biking along the road which connects the two settlements on opposite sides of the island.

Thorikos, the ancient city we visited written about here. These were taken at the site of the second oldest theatre in the world, dating from the 6th century BC, where we sang Old Nassau!