“Baby Einstein” is No Einstein

Disney’s decision to offer a refund to parents for “Baby Einstein” videos (“No Einstein in your Crib? Get a Refund”) is a breath of fresh air. While research in a recent Future of Children volume confirms that children older than three can learn from educational television and videos, infants and toddlers cannot. But very young children still consume a lot of electronic media. A recent survey estimated that 43 percent of infants and toddlers watch TV every day. Nineteen percent of children under one, and 29 percent of children two to three have a television in their bedrooms. At least one study found that children’s television viewing before age three was negatively related to children’s later academic achievement. Children under age 2 learn best from real-life experiences and interaction with real people.

7 thoughts on ““Baby Einstein” is No Einstein

  1. Rick


    Very interesting post.

    Something seems wrong to me that 29% of children between the ages of 2 and 3 have a tv in their room.

    That just doesn’t seem right unless it is used as a baby sitter.


  2. Tiffany

    I think that the baby Einstein videos are great! I think that any parent would agree that you cannot interact with your child 100% of every minute of every day. Mom’s not only need a few minutes of “downtime” to recharge during stressful parenting days, but also need time to do laundry, prepare food, mop the floors, etc. Having your child watch a colorful t.v. with movement and cheerful playful music is much like a more developed mobile that parents have used for years. Will it make your child a genius? No. But it might keep the little tikes quiet and entertained for a few minutes while mom is busy tending to other things that need tending to.

  3. Rebecca Herranen

    These products can be very useful in moderation. My issue with them is I have seen parents just plop their baby in front of one of these programs for their own personal free time. Kind of like a babysitter. To me that is just wrong.

    1. Stephen

      I agree… too many times you see this happening. We’re in the age of electronic babysitting

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Kathy B

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