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  1. Michael Littman

    I am going to miss him. Bart was such a delightful character. Fun, sharp-witted, and always in good spirits, even when things were not going well. I thoroughly enjoyed our interactions over many years – interactions which usually had something to do with old time technology (steam engines, steam boats, old cars, &c) and educating the young. He was constantly trying to get Princeton engineering students to help out with his floating classroom project and I was happy to assist. We still have a water-related project in the hopper for yet a new Hoebel adventure focused on educating young kids about water’s life cycle. It was being planned for an old time railroad car that he recently acquired. His passing is a real loss and I feel truly grateful to have known him as a colleague and as a friend.

  2. Michelle Murphy

    I remember very well a talk he gave at seminar during graduate school at Purdue University on Obesity and Addiction. It was my job to introduce him and it was such an honor give how much of his research I’d read. And I remember being so impressed with his community involvement with things such as the floating classroom. It inspired me to be more involved in my community with science both during graduate school and on into my profession scientific life. What an inspiration! He will truly be missed.

  3. Djordje Aralica

    I was fortunate to get to know Professor Hoebl during our stay at Princeton, where my wife was a graduate student. He generously provided me with an opportunity to enjoy his hobbies, offered a studio space for my sculptural work, and enriched my Princeton experience with his great character. We will always remember him with highest appreciation of his achievements and with earnest gratitude for his enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity.

  4. Frank Eney

    Bart, you are sorely missed, as a friend and my crazy Uncle. So many different things I’d never had known or experienced without you. You are missed buddy, may your travels be joyfull.

    Till we meet again.


  5. Cyrus Marvasti

    I have created the following Video Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya2ZjiVnmUo
    to remember Immortal Prof. Bart Hoebel’s Life and Legacy …

    Why Do I Consider Prof. Bart Hoebel Immortal?
    • The work has important implications for understanding obesity trends in the United States and other places. [1]
    • His HFCS research finding will result significant Constructive Dietary Changes ..
    • The work reduce Overweight, Obesity Preventing and Delaying Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes….
    • Educated Public Regarding Food , HFCS and Sugar Addiction .

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