4 thoughts on “Laura Wooten

  1. Ed

    Laura Wooten brightened my day when I visited Butler dining hall. She was such a constant, delightful present for my 4 years at Princeton. She will be missed and I am forever grateful to her for making my Princeton experience that much more special.

  2. Michael

    I’ve only had a few encounters with Laura, and each time she was always so full of life. She was, and still is, an inspiration.

  3. Z

    Laura was sweet, positive, poised, and kind, a light to every student passing through the dining hall. I will always remember her smile.

  4. Sarah

    What a loss. More of a fixture of my Princeton experience than many of my professors, Mrs. Wooten was full of wisdom and kindness that she freely shared with me and others. She had such a purposeful life and such energy—I knew her for years before she hinted that she was in her 90’s, and I was amazed. I certainly hope that I eventually become half the community member that she seemed to be throughout her life. My thoughts will be with her family.

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