Concluding Thoughts

By Matthew Milliner

Having now settled into our relatively hectic, post-Menoikeioin, reduced olive-count lives, our time on the mountain seems far away indeed.  The nuns continue in their rhythms, and we have returned to ours.  It was a successful year.  Upon our arrival we discussed the easily underestimated challenge of just being at the monastery.  We still, of course, had our difficulties this year (illness among them!), but it’s fair to say we succeeded in adjusting to the rhythms of monastic life this year more than any other.  The result, ironically enough, was a new academic momentum in our respective areas of research, which was especially reflected in our closing graduate and undergraduate meetings.

This experiment in blogging has, we hope, shed some light on life at Mount Menoikeion.  As oppose to “infiltrating” the monastery with technology, it is important to keep in mind that the nuns themselves are ahead of us in this regard, boasting their own impressive web site.

Thanks to all who participated this year either in person or by reading along, and please spread the word about this unique academic opportunity.


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