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Visiting Scholars:

 NameCurrent AffiliationEmail
Prof. Greg WarrUniversity of
Prof Zheng TongSouth China University of Technology

Prof. Chongyoup KimKorea
Prof. Jan VermantKatholieke Universiteit
Prof. Martin InCNRS


Post Doctoral Researchers:

 Name/YearCurrent AffiliationEmail
Dr. Christina Tang (2014)Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth
Dr. Adam York (2014)Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr. Sherif Soliman (2012)Biomaterials Lab Manager, NameBiostage, Inc.
Dr. Lei Shi (2011)Director - Materials Science, NameFirmenich Aromatics
Dr. Mustafa Akbulut (2010)Associate Professor, Texas A&M

Dr. Ting Chen, Simulating the self-assembly of nanoparticles. Current: postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Margarita Herrera-Alonso, Nanoparticles for drug delivery. Current: Johns Hopkins University.
Dr. Bulent Ozbas, Graphene nanosheets. Current: Air Products.
Dr. Ahmed Abdala, Self-Healing Ionomer-Ceramic Composites.
Dr. Xuhong Guo, Wax Modification by Amphoteric Polymers.
Dr. Mustafa Erhan Yildiz, Polymersomes as Rheology modifiers.
Dr. Subramanian Ramakrishnan, Latex Composite Membranes, with Jeff Carbeck. Current: Assistant Professor at Florida State University - Chemical Engineering.
Dr. Henry Ashbaugh, Block Copolymers for Wax Crystal Modification (2001). Current: Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University.
Dr. Surita Bhatia, Block Copolymers for Rheology Control (2001) with Rhodia Complex Fluids lab Ahmed Mourchaud. Current: Assoc. Professor at UMass - Chemical Engineering.
Dr. Amer Alkawaji, Structure and Rheology of Dialkly Phosphate Surfactant Mesophases (2001) with Rhodia Complex Fluids lab Pascal Herve. Current: L’Oreal Inc, Paris, France.
Dr. Sonke Svenson, Rheology of Rod-like Surfactant Micelles (2001). Current: Dow Central Research, Midland, MI.
Dr. Martin Beck. Polyeletrolyte Gels.
Dr. Paul Swanson. Guar Gels.
Dr. John Brie. Guar Gels and Novel Rheometers.
Dr. Guangwei Wu. Block Copolymers.



PhD Students:
Pinkerton, Nathalie (2014). Current: Institut des Technologies Avancées en sciences du Vivant, Toulouse, France
Figueroa, Carlos (2014).
D'Addio, Suzanne (2012). Current: Merck & Co., Summit, NJ.
Zhang, Siyan (2011). Current: Merck & Co.
Kumar, Varun (2011). Current:Alnylym Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA.
Figura, Brian (2010). Current: Lubrizol.
Budijono, Stephanie (2010). Current: Firmenich, Inc.
Gindy, Mirian (2008), Current: Merck & Co., West Point, PA.
Tinsley, Jack (2007), Current: BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Fu, Lin (2007), Current: Dow.
Liu, Ying (2007) Current: Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago.
Saad, Walid S., (2007)  Current: Senior Scientist at Schering-Plough Research Institute, Summit, NJ.
Auguste (Whitbourne), Debra T., (2005) Current: Assistant Professor at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
Siriwatwechakul, Wanwipa, (2005)  Current: Manager at B.M Pharmacy
Johnson, Brian K., (2003)   Current: Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ.
Lee, Jim Huey, (2002)   Current: Exxon  Production Research, Houston, TX
Yang, Bing-Shiou, (2002) with William B. Russel   Current: Bristol Meyers Squibb, Princeton, NJ
Cheng, Yu, (2001)   Current: Merck & Co., West Point, PA
Ramakrishnan, Srividya, (2001). current: Unilever, Jersey City, NJ.
Smith-Romagnoli, Vera (2001)
Achilleos, Evdokia C., (1999)
Garg, Rajeev, (1999)   Current: Merck & Co.
Mandigo, Glenn Christopher, (1998) Current: FMC Corporation.
Panmai, Santipharp, (1998)   Current: Merck & Co..
Anklam, Mark Richard, (1997)   Current: Associate Prof at Rose Hulman University- Chemical Eng.
Goff, R. Blake, (1996)
Grosse-Sommer, Anahi, (1996)
Mets, Jeanlynn (Wang), Filter Cake Formation of Water Soluble Polymers (1995)   Current: Kevin S. Meyers MD, PC
Mahale, Anant D., (1994)
Kesavan, Subramanian, (1994)
Ketz Jr., Richard John, (1993)
Koelling, Kurt William, (1993)   Current: Full Prof at Ohio State University - Chemical Eng.
Yin, Yuling, (1993)
Bowers, John S., (1991)
Santore, Maria M., (1990).   Current: Full Professor at UMass - Polymer Engineering
Hirt, Douglas Edward, (1989)
Lawrey, Bruce David, (1988)
Sugarman, Jeffrey H., (1988).
Yoshimura, Ann Sanae, (1988).
Kramer, Jeffrey, (1987)
Besio, Gregory John, (1986)
Hoagland, David Alan, (1986)   Current: Full Prof at UMass - Polymer Engineering
Chan, Edward Ming, (1985)
Collias, Dimitris I., (1985)
Richards, William D., (1983)
Uhl, Jonathan T., (1983)
Massa, Dennis J., (1970)



Masters Students:
Chen, Long (2014).
Franco, David. Multi-Lamellar Vesicles and Drug Delivery (2007). Current: Sandia National Labs.
Pahwa, JD. Flow Field Fracturation.
Song, Lucy. Polyelectrolyte Complexes.



Undergraduate Students:
Moffat, John E. “Environmental Remediation of Deepwater Oil Spills: The Effects of Surfactant Structure on Oil Droplet Formation” (2013)
Youngblood, Richard L. "Synthesis and Characterization of Gel Microparticles for Lung Cancer Delivery" (2013)
Ramasubramani, Vyas "Flocculation Depletion in a Dual Delivery System for the Treatment of Lung Cancer" (2013)
Lee, Michael (2013)
Tien, Daniel (2013)
Ellis, Ryan “Nanoparticle Delivery of Radionuclides for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications”(2012)
Rees, Amanda (2012)
Zhang, Stacy Wenjun "Gel Microparticle Drug Delivery System For Lung Cancer Treatment" (2012)
Li, May "Controlled Release Of Lipoic Acid Via Dual-Stage Encapsulation Of Therapeutic Nanoparticles In Polymer Hydrogel For Lung Cancer Drug Delivery" (2012)
Squires, Jack (2012)
Tse, Jennifer (2012)
Martin, Jason (2011)
Keaton, Michael (2011)
Baldassano, Steven (2011)
Liao, Yi (2011)
Hasbani, Meir
Huang, Felix
Jahnke, Justin
Chopko, Caroline
Herceg, Tomi
Etessami, Nathan, “Oswald Ripening of Nanoparticles” (2006).
O’Neil, Christopher, “Self-healing Nanofilled Materials “ (2006).
Russ, Boris, “Drug Release from Nanoparticles” (2006).
Hudacek, Kristin, “Estradiol-Vitamin E Succinate Prodrugs for Nanoparticles” (2005)
Beattie, Patrick, “Nanoparticle Synthesis and Formation” (2004).
Pauly, Thomas, “Synthesis of Hydrophobically Modified Polymers” (2004).
Whitaker, James, “Triggered Deprotection of Liposomes” (2003).
Brown, Kirk M., “The Degradation and Molecular Interactions of Guar and Hydroxypropyl Guar” (2002).
Bochkis, Irina, “Solubility of Beta Carotene in Mixed Solvent Systems and Stability of Organic Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical Formulations” (2001).
Boon, Kathleen H., “ Phase Behavior of Interactions Between Hydrophobically Modified Anionic Polymers and Catanionic Vesicles” (2001).
Plata, Amanda C., “Investigation of Micromixing in a Vortex Mixer Evaluated by Competitive Reactions”(2001).
Krasik, Ellen, (2000).
Pagnotto, Michael R., “The Effects of Ceramic Implant Pore Size on Osteoblast Development” (2000).
Rea, Susan M., “Multilayer Polymer Coatings and Enzyme Interactions for Enhanced Bone Graft Design” (2000).
So, Gary, “Liposome Surface Coverage by Hydrophobically-Modified Poly(ethylene glycol)” (2000).
Barrett, Dana T., “The Effects of the Physical Properties of Emulsions, Newtonian Solutions, and Polymeric Solutions on the Atomization of Liquid Sheets” (1999).
DeBernard, Rebecca M., “Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyacrylic Acid-Borate Polymers for Oil Recovery Operations” (1999).
Hwang, Melinda L., “Effect of Poly(PEG8000-lysine-stearylamide), C16-PEG-C16, and Hydrophobically-modified Polyacrylic Acid on the Stability of Phosphatidylserine/ Phosphatidylethanolamine composite Liposomes Under Calcium Ion Induced Rupture” (1999).
Quinn, Donovan S., “Deformation Behavior of PolyAcrylic Acid Gels in Applied Electric Fields” (1999).
Tsuda, Naoya, “Capillary Electrophoresis of Polysaccharides” (1999).
Akinc, Akin B., “Synthesis and Characterization of L3 Phase Templated Silicate Gels” (1998).
Lestina, Todd A., “Application of Guar Polymers in Agricultural Spraying” (1998).
McCowen, Sara A., “Viscoelastic Properties of an Anionic/Zwitterionic Surfactant System” (1998).
Mwamufiya, Ihemba Mujinga, “Phase Behavior and Viscoelastic Properties of High and Low Molecular Weight Guar Mixtures with Xanthan” (1998).
Freeman, Joseph W., “The Formation of High Molecular Weight Polymers with Smaller Polymers; Crosslinking Guar with Starch and Cationic Guar with Anionic Guar” (1997).
Lieu, Eric J., “Extensional Thickening Polymer Fluids for Agricultural Spraying Applications” (1997).
Rabinowitz, Aaron B., “Synthesis and Characterization of Polymerized Sponge Phase Silicates for Use as Bone Replacement Materials” (1997).
Struck, Kara, “Protein Diffusioin Through Polymerized Cubic Phase Gels” (1997).
Cukras, Catherine-Ann, “The Immobilization of Subtilisin Carlsberg in Kappa-Carrageenan Beads for Use in Non-Aqueous Solvents” (1996).
Little, Jessica L., “Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Gels Via Polymerization of the Surfactant Cubic Phase” (1996).
Long, Carl D., “An Analysis of Osmotic Pressure and Chromium Crosslinking in Polyacrylic Acid Gel” (1996).
Altreuter, David H., “Development and Characterization of Konjac Glucomannan as a Novel Gel for DNA Electrophoresis” (1995).
Barna, Caroline M., “Comparison of Rushton Turbines, Prochem Hydrofoil Impellers, and Lightnin’ A315 Hydrofoil Impellers” (1995)
Krishnan, Rajesh, “Development of Microcarrier Process Techniques for the Culturing of Chick Embryo Fibroblasts” (1994).
Whiteley, Timothy N., “The Gelation Mechanism of Konjac Glucomannan” (1994).
Chuang, Kenneth Hsu-Ping, “Elongational Viscosity of Structured Fluids” (1993).
Granzow, Joachim W., “Investigation into Optimal Vial Freezing and Lyophilization Techniques for Merck & Co. Products” (1993).
Timberlake, Susan A., “Microfiltration of Escherichia coli Fermentation Broths” (1993).
Speed, Margaret A., “Biochemical Engineering Experiments for an Undergraduate Laboratory” (1991).
Ware, Michael H.E., “Microstructure Characterization of Water Swellable Gels” (1990).
Hsu, James, “Delayed High Temperature Release of Peroxides for Breaking Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Gels”  (1989).
Martin, James K., “The Effect of Polymer Adsorption on the Rheology of Silica Gels” (1989).
Kaiser, Jocelyn C., “Chromium(III)-Polyacrylamide Binding Interactions as Measured by Gel Dialysis and Electrochemical Techniques” (1988).
Mehrabi, Reza M., “Polymeric Gels in Porous Media under Applied Pressures” (1988).
Chow, Lorraine L., “The Effect of Flow on the Dissolution of Photoresists” (1987).
Goodrich, Karen A., “Mechanical Properties of Polyacrylamide Gels” (1987).
Haggerty, Lorie, “The Affect of Molecular Weight on Diffusion in Polyacrylamide Gels” (1987).
Johnson, Christopher A., A Study in Biochemical Separations” (1987).
O’Sullivan, Sean P., “Rheology of Slurries:  A Modeling Theory and the Effects of Polymer Adsorption”  (1987).
Moening, Paul F., “An Investigation of Slip-Layer Characteristics of Highly Concentrated Emulsions by Streaming Potential – Streaming Current Techniques” (1986).
Rosedale, Jeffrey H., “Concentration Polarization Control in the Ultrafiltration of Polymer Solutions” (1986).
Lin, Richard J., “Transient Electric Birefringence Studies on Some Water-soluble Macromolecules:  A Look at Field-Free Relaxation Behavior” (1985).
Chiang, Justin N., “Production of Monodisperse Polymer Spheres” (1984).
Oyler, George A., “An Automated System for Foam Bubble Size Characterization” (1984).
Tsen, David W., “Automation of a Four-Bulb Capillary Viscometer and the Measurement of the Intrinsic Viscosities of Polyacrylamide” (1984).
Chetty, Arun, “Foam Flow Through Porous Media” (1983).
Larson, Karen A., “Separations of High Molecular Weight Water Soluble Polymers by Means of Hydrodynamic Chromatography” (1983).
Lee, Brian M., “Foam Flow Through a Porous Media” (1983).
Vrescak, Warren D., “Immiscible Displacement During Flow Through Porous Media” (1983).
Berggren, Mark A., “Streaming Potential and Emulsion Flow Through Thin Capillaries” (1982).
Clapp, Jr., Ray M., “Characteristics of Agitated Liquid-Liquid Dispersions in the Presence of Aqueous Polymer Solutions” (1982).
Fan, Perry A., “Foam Rheology” (1982).
Collins, Lance R., “Rheological Characterization of Foams” (1981).
Shaqfeh, Eric, “An Investigation of the Power Requirements for Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluid Mixing” (1981).
Roat, Robert E., The Effect of Electrostatic Charging on the Breakup of Fluid Jets” (1980).
Misirliyan, Ared, “Ultrasonic Induced Bubble Agglomerations in Polymeric Liquids” (1979).

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