New Acquisitions LC-Delhi 8 March 2013

Three shipments arrived from the Library of Congress–New Delhi plan this week. The attached list NewAcquisitionsLCDelhi8March2013 includes newly arrived books in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit. This batch includes some gorgeous portfolios of paintings that will be available in Marquand Library, including representations of Ganesha, a Monir art exhibition, and a Tanjore portfolio of Hindu gods in art. There is also a good selection of Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit literature. Other subjects in this shipment include Islamic law, social studies of science, human rights, geography, political science, Bollywood, tribal health, rural development, religion/folklore, diaspora studies, economics/finance, and other subjects. Additionally, a batch of new serials arrived this week. New approval books with a South Asia focus this week include the following list NewApprovals8March2013 of titles.

Image Quest (new subscription database)

A new interdisciplinary subscription database of images, Image Quest, has been added to Princeton University Library electronic resources today. The collection includes more than two million images, all cleared for non-commercial educational use. Browse by subject, collection or keyword. For South Asia related images, keyword searching is probably the best approach on this site.

Recent Library of Congress-Islamabad pdf files

Recent Library of Congress–Islamabad office pdf files added to the LC collection include the following items:

Recent Pakistan (Tribal) and Bihari Resources

The FATA Research Center (a think tank devoted to Federally Administered Tribal Areas in Pakistan) has electronic pdf links to several reports that are out of stock in print format including:

And a recent addition to CRL (Center for Research Libraries) collections is Bihār kī khabren [microform] (from the University of Virginia archival collections). Bihār kī khabren was published in Urdu by the Indian state of Bihar’s Public Relations Department and describes contemporary events These newspapers have been microfilmed in color, so as to preserve some wonderful images such as the following:

Bihar Ki Kabren for 1962-1965

Bihar ki Khabren

Electronic Resources at Princeton (2013)

Renewing Princeton electronic resources and serials include the following (among others!). Updates on several of these subscriptions will be provided in upcoming posts.

  • Archives unbound (NEW content relevant to South Asia includes. Afghanistan and the U.S, 1945-1963 and Evangelism in India: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Mission, 1833-1910)
  • Buddhism — Oxford Bibliographies Online
  • Hinduism — Oxford Bibliographies Online
  • History and sociology of South Asia, Sage
  • India, Raj and Empire (digitized manuscripts from the National Library of Scotland, from the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 to the 1947 Independence of India and Pakistan)
  • The Indian Papers of Colonel Clive and Brigadier General Carnac, 1752-1774 (The papers of two leading actors in the East India Company in mid-18th century Bengal from the National Library of Wales)
  • (Socio-economic statistical facts and figures for India at the national and state level. Click on IP Login before using)
  • Journal of Bangladesh Studies (print format)
  • Print media coverage of the Tsunami disaster of Sri Lanka (at microforms)
  • Prowess (Access at Social Science Reference Center — Work Station 9. Daily stock price data and detailed fundamentals data for companies in India. Both private and public companies are included. Produced by Centre for the Monitoring of the Indian Economy (CMIE). Also contains data on Ownership and governance (board composition, meetings, major stakeholders, subsidiaries etc.) and mergers and acquisitions)
  • South and Southeast Asian literature (Fiction and poetry written in English by authors from South and Southeast Asia and their Diasporas. Focusing on works composed during the late-colonial and postcolonial eras, the collection will also feature author interviews and manuscript materials)
  • South Asia journal (Founded in 2011, South Asia Journal is a quarterly print magazine focused on issues relating to South Asia and her diaspora communities. Bearing no university or political affiliation, the journal’s goal is to provide discerning, critical perspectives on the South Asian continent and its evolving relationship to the broader world. Politics, economics, art, and literature all fall under the magazine’s purview)
  • South Asian history and culture
  • Times of India (1838-2003) (Proquest Historical Newspapers) More recent issues in Newsbank.