Thysiastērio tēs leuterias

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Most Pitiful Kalavryta [a town in Peloponnesus]

Thysiastērio tēs leuterias [Altar of Freedom] (Athēnai: “Ho Rēgas” Ekdot. Organismos, 1945). Gift of the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. Graphic Arts Off-Site Storage: Contact, Oversize D766.3 .T48 1945f.

My sincere thanks to Dimitri H. Gondicas, Executive Director, Hellenic Studies, for finding this graphic depiction of Greece during World War II. Note the remarkable date of 1945. Thanks also to Jeffrey Roueche Luttrell, Leader, Western Languages Cataloging, for his translations.

Heroic Crete

Wretched Doxato [a town in northern Greece]

The Hanged People of Athens

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Those pictures really show the horror of the war, something that now we tend to forget.
"The first of May 1944, like any other year, the earth was blooming with flowers. But on our houses we didn't hang wreaths of flowers, for we were still enslaved. The roses were standing outside in the gardens, untouched. The sun was shining but our souls were black."
Thank you so much for finding this