The Books are Back! (and we’re ALMOST ready to reopen)

Cotsen’s “Wall of Books” — repopulated with the collections rare books and other items, after the move back — and the (lighting-improved) Cotsen gallery.

The Cotsen gallery closed in June of 2017 for our long-awaited renovation, part of the broader, multi-year Firestone Renovation Project. Our offices were temporarily located downstairs in the Rare Books & special Collections spaces, and the collections normally shelved in the gallery’s “Wall of Books” were also moved into the rare book vaults. Renovations were ongoing but over time, the gallery was renovated and restored, the outreach office moved back up, and finally (just two days ago) Cotsen’s curatorial staff and our books and collection items were re-shelved back into their usual home.

The space will look little changed except to the most discerning of eyes. Updates were subtle but necessary and include things like new LED lighting and new sprinkler heads. The rare book collections were also reorganized for better retrieval for patrons, security, and future collection growth.

We still need time to unpack and finish preparing before our reopening. But we plan to open to the public in late April!  We look forward to being frequented once again by our variously laughing, shrieking, or well mannered guests (of all ages) who all share in those senses of creativity and imagination that they bring with them to Cotsen.

An empty “Wall of Books” and a darkened Cotsen gallery on the eve of the move back.


We’d like to thank the ever-diligent Cotsen Move Task Force group, who helped plan and execute this last (fingers crossed!) of 20 or so Rare Books & Special Collections moves!