Exhibition “Most Masterful Cat” opens next week

Next week Puss in Boots will swagger into the Cotsen gallery just in time for festivities at Reunions.  Admire the folio edition of Perrault’s fairy tales where Gustave Dore’s Puss first appeared on view in Chandler’s Box (that’s the case jutting into the Firestone lobby), turn left and come in.  In our two cases inspired by early nineteenth-century miniature libraries there will be all twelve prints illustrating the tale by Otto Speckter, the classic picture book versions by Fred Marcellino and Hans Fischer, and some less familiar interpretations we think you’ll find just as memorable.

Puss will make his bow on August 15th.  But before he departs for his castle in France, a new gallery publication commemorating his exploits will be published and made available free of charge to Cotsen’s visitors.  Until then, you can enjoy an earlier post starring Puss.

Hope to see you in the gallery over the summer…