BioOne has a new platform

BioOne is home to 113 not-for-profit society and institutional publishers from around the world.”

“Bringing together a wide range of work on the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences from scientific societies, libraries, academe, and the private sector, the new platform had to be capable of supporting multiple product types. The BioOne site hosts full-text HTML journal and book content fully integrated on the one site. This benefits the user by providing a consistent user experience and single sign on irrespective of the content they are seeking. BioOne benefits by being able to deliver book and journal content together, or separately, from a single platform, and being able to manage the site using a single administration tool from the desktop.”
Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter

Princeton University has supported BioOne from its inception. You can see what journals are availble though this consortium from the e-journals page, under “Collections” or here:

Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360
Wed, Feb 11 2009 1:49 PM (57 subscribers)

Yale Environment 360 is an online magazine offering authoritative opinion, analysis, reporting and debate on global environmental issues. The site ( features articles by scientists, journalists, and people on the front lines in the environmental field, as well as multimedia content and a daily digest of major environmental news.

Discovered” via the “Sierra Club Insider”: “Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope argues in Yale’s e360 magazine that a well-designed package of market reforms, done correctly, will lead to a future that is both prosperous and beneficial.” (moving towards a green economy)

Knovel adds titles in Sustainable Energy & Development and Earth Science

Knovel has just wrapped up a very busy year and is looking forward to helping our customers achieve their goals for 2009. Our focus is to help make users more productive in their work— in the office, out in the field, around the world. Last year we enhanced Knovel to make it faster and more flexible. We upgraded the functionality of interactive tables and doubled the amount of technical content on our site. To be more specific, we added nearly 400 new handbooks, including over 170 in two new subject areas: Sustainable Energy & Development and Earth Science.”

Source: Knovel News 2/10/09