National Geographic: Environment website

National Geographic: Environment

“The Environment section of the National Geographic website has so many photos, quizzes, blogs, games and news to learn from and enjoy, that visitors will probably have to make a number of return visits. For those with only a little time, visitors absolutely must check out the link “News Blog: Greatest Nature Photos” under the “Environment News” heading near the top of the page. There visitors will see several of the 40 greatest nature photos that were chosen by a conservation photography organization in celebration of Earth Day 2010. “Test your Earth IQ” quizzes on backyard birds, Yosemite, pollution, natural disasters, and going green will keep visitors plenty busy, and the quizzes are also a great way to learn something new. The “NG in the Field” section reports on the grantees of National Geographic grants. Some of the projects include, “Big Cats Initiatives”, “Blue Holes Project”, and “Quintana Roo Underwater Cave Project”. [KMG]

Source: Univ. of Wisconsin, Scout Report — May 14, 2010

Nature Climate Change — now online

As a Nature Publishing Group (NPG) customer, we would like to let you know that with the publication of the first issue imminent, the first Nature Climate Change articles are now available free to view online, ahead of print. They are:

Nonlinear heat effects on African maize as evidenced by historical yield trials
David B. Lobell, Marianne Bänziger , Cosmos Magorokosho, Bindiganavile Vivek

News and Views
Agriculture: Weather dilemma for African maize
Maximilian Auffhammer

Books and Arts
Living through the storm
Mason Inman

Nature interview with Phil Jones (“Climategate”)

“The climate scientist at the centre of last year’s media storm over stolen documents received 200 abusive or threatening e-mails. In an extensive interview with Nature to mark the anniversary of the Climategate affair, Phil Jones of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, discusses the personal abuse he received, his treatment by colleagues and his regrets — or lack of them.”

Access the News Feature free online.

News item email from Nature Publishing Group [] Nov. 18, 2010

Degrees that Matter: Climate Change and the University

Peter Hopkinson reviews Degrees that Matter: Climate Change and the University
by Ann Rappaport & Sarah Hammond Creighton

MIT Press: 2007. 376 pp. $24.95, £15.95

in the latest Nature
448, 28 (5 July 2007) | doi:10.1038/448028a; Published online 4 July 2007. Link to review.

The reviewer feels that the book is instructive. It is about the efforts of Tufts University (the Tufts Climate Initiative) to reduce its carbon emissions.
Firestone has a copy: QC981.8.C5 R367 2007