In this experiment, I was looking to emphasize the banality of the story by highlighting how humorous it can be. I was inspired by Matt Madden’s “Brought to You by…” interpretation of the “boring” story in 99 Ways to Tell a Story. He took a bunch of “ads” and placed them together in comic form to tell the original story in a different way. I thought it was an ironically comedic commentary of just how simple the story is to the point that you could just take ads and combine them to tell the same story. The commercialness of the ad was striking. I wanted to do a similar iteration with my own twist, and that is why I chose to represent my story through a series of memes. Each “panel” or meme, has a hip-hop/rap reference as well to emphasize the ironic humor within the banal story. I also wanted to poke fun at the #firstworldproblems nature of the original story by portraying it through exaggerated ways of modern cultural/social expression (memes and hip-hop lyrics).

You can find my experiment here: