Experiment 6: My Struggle Through Snapchat

Experiment 6**

Please click on the link above to see my reimagined version of Experiment 4: Self Representation.

I am telling a story of my day, where I go through regular Princeton struggles, and then find comfort in something I love. I decided to use the form of snapchat (which is a telephone app where one takes pictures, adds comments, draws pictures, and sends it to friends. The picture disappears after up to 10 seconds both from the friend’s telephone and the sender’s telephone). I picked this medium, since people my age often use this method of communication, and add a visual image of themselves to their messages to each other.

I think snapchatting is both a more intimate mode of communication, due to the inclusion of one’s own image, and a more distrustful method of communication, since the receiver does not get to keep the message. I could not capture that effect in this project unfortunately, since the images need to stay on the paper for grading. However, in an ideal context, I would like to create a comic strip that only exists for up to 10-ish seconds.

I put in explanatory, and emotional emoticon-type things in my first draft of Experiment 6, and then edited them all out. I think I finally learned to edit down, and to have faith in the images to carry the intended meaning on their own. I hope this reflects my growth through the experiments in this class.

I had a great time creating this [and so did my snapchat friends]. I hope you will too..