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Welcome to the Math Club’s Guide to Undergraduate Life! If you’re here, you are probably a current or prospective undergraduate interested in mathematics. Princeton is a great place to do math. The department is relatively large, including 99 faculty and researchers, 72 graduate students, and 71 undergraduate math majors. Due to associations with students and faculty in other departments, the greater math community is even larger.

The close-knit undergraduate community includes students with academic interests ranging from algebraic number theory to finance economics, and personal interests ranging from rowing to juggling. Whatever your own interests, we’re sure you’ll find some people who share them! Poke around the Guide, drop by some of our events, and feel free to get in touch!

The Guide contains detailed descriptions of the Club’s activities, as well as advice about the issues most important to undergraduates in the department. For ease of browsing, it is broken down into the following sections:

  • Course Guide. General overviews of each of the major sub-fields of mathematics, as well as detailed descriptions of the courses in that area and advice on which courses to take—and in what order.
  • Interdisciplinary Study. Articles describing popular interdisciplinary programs combining math and another subject, including computer science, physics, economics, and finance. If you’re interested in studying math and one of these other subjects in parallel, check it out!
  • Applied Math. Guidance on how to focus on applied math at Princeton, including information about the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM) and its certificate.
  • Undergraduate Research. Advice on how to get involved in undergraduate research, both early in your Princeton career and through junior and senior independent work. You’ll also find suggestions about the research process and the mechanics of choosing advisers and problems.
  • Summer Opportunities. Information about the various summer programs of interest to math majors and those interested in mathematics. This includes research opportunities, teaching jobs at camps like PROMYS, and industry internships.
  • Social Life. All about the Club’s social side. Yes, Math Club members are people, too. We enjoy board games, movies, pizza and pie (and Pi Day!), and dinners, among other things. Check out the page, then come hang out!
  • Academic and Advising Events. The Club runs several academic programs, including the Undergraduate Colloquium lecture series, the Meet Your Professors initiative, and periodic advising sessions on topics like summer programs and undergraduate research.

Mathematically yours,

Zachary Stier
2019 President

(This page was written by Max Rabinovich ’13 and Gene Katsevich ’14.)

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