D.E. Shaw & Co. pursues attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns on the capital they invest for their clients. The firm invests globally using a broad array of strategies in both public and private markets. Widely recognized as a pioneer in quantitative investing, particularly in equities, futures, and options, the firm also has formidable expertise in areas that involve fundamental analysis or portfolio manager discretion, such as credit, energy, and macro investing. Regardless of the particular strategy, each investment decision is made in the context of a rigorous analytical approach that seeks to carefully identify and weigh potential risks and rewards. Visit them at http://www.deshaw.com/.

KCG offers leading services designed to address trading needs across asset classes, product types and time zones. As one of the world’s largest independent market makers, they combine advanced technology with exceptional client service to deliver unique liquidity, lower transaction costs and improve pricing. For every order, they provide a solution, whether market making or agency, lit or dark, voice or automated. They build the connections that deliver maximum value for our clients and create more efficient, resilient markets around the world. Visit them at http://www.kcg.com/.


Jane Street is a proprietary quantitative trading firm, focusing primarily on trading equities and equity derivatives. We use innovative technology, a scientific approach, and a deep understanding of markets to stay successful in our highly competitive field. We operate around the clock and around the globe, employing over 400 people in offices in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Our entrepreneurial culture is driven by our talented team of traders and programmers. At Jane Street, we don’t come to work wanting to leave. We come to work excited to test new theories, have thought-provoking discussions, and maybe sneak in a game of ping-pong or two. You can learn more about us at http://www.janestreet.com/.


Optiver is a proprietary global market maker, trading on major financial markets around the world. We opened our first office in Amsterdam and now have locations in Chicago, Shanghai, and Sydney. We employ over 900 highly educated professionals worldwide who are continuously improving the way we work and striving for excellence in everything we do. Being good is not good enough, and it is every employee’s responsibility to make our company better. Founded in 1986, Optiver has been profitable every year of its existence.


Radix Trading is a research-driven, proprietary trading startup in Chicago led by Ben Blander and Michael Rauchman.

> Ben Blander – former head of Citadel’s high frequency group and a key contributor in growing their P&L from $75 million in 2005 to $1.15 billion in 2008. Previously Ben earned a PhD in Math from the University of Chicago.

> Michael Rauchman – formerly GETCO’s CTO, head of Americas equities, and global head of ForEx. As a hands-on leader Michael was instrumental in the development of many trading strategies as well as the underlying architecture and code.

Radix is building a new type of trading firm dedicated to research through open, collaborative innovation.

Visit them at http://radix-trading.com/


SIG is a global quantitative trading firm founded with an entrepreneurial mindset and a rigorous analytical approach to decision making. Building virtually all of their own trading technology from scratch, they are leaders and innovators in quantitative trading. Visit them at http://www.sig.com/.


Two Sigma is a systematic investment manager, founded with the goal of applying cutting-edge technology to the data-rich world of finance. At Two Sigma, they use artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to look for meaningful patterns in the worlds data. Then they use these insights to create investment strategies. For their clients. And the people who depend on them. Visit them at http://www.twosigma.com/.


3Red is a proprietary trading start-up headquartered in the Chicago Loop, with a presence in New York. They are committed to leveraging technology and math to implement competitive trading strategies while managing risk and responding to dynamic market conditions. Visit their website at http://www.3redgroup.com.



expii empowers everybody to collaboratively create interactive expositions on high school subjects (currently math and science), on an open platform. They aim to crowdsource a one-stop destination filled with the world’s most engaging, exciting, and interactive expositions, which make difficult school subjects crystal clear. On top of this base, they are building a network of value added services. Visit their website at http://www.expii.com.