3 thoughts on “George Miller

  1. Richard Nerf, Jr.

    This note is to mark a very circuitous closure. More than a year ago, my now-teenaged grandson was fascinated by a word game on my iPad. I was delighted by his interest, but wished that he had more interest in the meaning of the words he produced in the game. I decided to write a similar iPad app which would connect words to meaning. When I looked for a free lexicon, my choices were a century-old Webster’s and WordNet. WordNet became my choice. My development of this app was interrupted by the death of my father, who was Professor Miller’s age, and my duties as his executor. Eventually, I had time to attend to the app, and recently began to prepare to submit it to testers. When I revisited the WordNet website to make sure that I properly acknowledged the source of the lexicon, I saw a link to Professor Miller’s obituary. I was astounded to find that Professor Miller was the author of “The Magic Number 7…”, a Xerox of which had been given to me by my father back in the 70’s, and was one of the seminal papers of my understanding of the brain.

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