One thought on “Arthur Wightman

  1. Shyamoli Chaudhuri Plassmann

    I never had the good fortune of meeting Arthur Wightman in person, nor of attended any talks by him. But when I was teaching quantum field theory for the first time as a junior faculty member, I went thru his proof (with Arthur Jaffe) of the Parity-Charge-Time conjugation theorem, and the related Spin-Statistics Theorem—- one of the great marvels of fundamental physics, and of foundational Algebraic Quantum Field Theory. We remain indebted to his seminal contributions to C*-algebras– and their many descendants, as theoretical particle physicists, and as string/M theorists. My condolences to his family and friends.

    Shyamoli Chaudhuri, PhD Cornell (High Energy Theory), Postdoctoral Fellowships at Fermilab, University of Texas at Austin, and the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and at Penn State University at University Park, PA.

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