One thought on “Kenneth Levy

  1. Lewis Lockwood

    Kenneth Levy was my friend and colleague for more than sixty years. Four years ahead of me at the High School of Music and Art, then at Queens College, finally at Princeton for graduate training in music history. he holds a special place in my life and in that of all who knew him as a scholar and as a man. Anyone reading his early articles on aspects of the French chanson in the Renaissance (see the yearbook Annales Musicologiques of the 1950’s) will see what brilliance and insight he brought to this field. After which he moved into medieval studies, especially Eastern and Western chant, following the model of his, and our, unforgettable mentor, Oliver Strunk. Kenneth was also a great undergraduate teacher and colleague, as Scott Burnham has pointed out. His legacy lives on in his own work and in the example he set for his students, to pursue difficult historical issues as dispassionately and with as much solidity of knowledge of the sources as one can muster. He will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him.

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