3 thoughts on “Charles Gillispie

  1. Richard Sorrenson

    A wonderful man and a wonderful scholar whom I admired deeply. His letters and comments to his students were masterpieces of concision and thoughtfulness and his two volumes of Science & Polity will be enduring masterpieces.

  2. Natalie Zemon Davis

    Knowing Charles was one of the intellectual joys of my years at Princeton. His luminous intellect and his wide-ranging erudition which linked science, culture and political change in new ways brought insight to every conversation or seminar of which he was a part. I will always remember his quiet generosity and gracious courtesy . Farewell to a splendid colleague. Natalie

  3. Hal Pschunder '72

    Professor Charles C. Gillispie was the most memorable and profoundly influential teacher in my Princeton experience 45 years ago. Both history of science courses he taught helped me to better appreciate the human endeavors and struggles behind the paradigms and major advances in physics, mathematics, biology and other sciences that have shaped the progress toward our present world. He even inspired me to write an unsolicited paper one summer responding to and summarizing my understanding of what he had taught. I am grateful that I was able to correspond with and meet him again 25 years later to express my gratitude for his scholarship and teaching, and exchange lifetime experiences.

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