3 thoughts on “Elaine Fantham

  1. Julia Fantham

    Thank you very much for this lovely tribute. I know my mother had great memories of Princeton. The Christmas parties were definitely legendary and I have heard a few stories over the past couple of weeks which I feel truly captured her spirit and love of life. Your kind words have helped with our time of unimaginable loss. Thank you again.

  2. Edward Gutting

    Elaine will be much missed. I’ll never forget her generosity and the pleasure of working with her on Vergil and Ovid.

    At her retirement party/conference at Princeton, things were getting behind schedule after a full day. We needed everyone to move into another room for the next part of the program, but all attempts to usher folks out of their conversations were in vain. Bob Kaster said that we needed someone with sufficient gravitas to remedy the situation. Sure enough, Elaine walked without a word into the next room and next thing I knew everyone had cleared out.

  3. Roger Brock

    I was very sad to learn of Elaine’s death. She was tremendously generous and welcoming when I went to Toronto as a visiting graduate student in 1983 and a supportive mentor for many years after that, and just enormous fun to be with whenever I saw her, and like everyone else, I shall miss her.

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