8 thoughts on “Edward C. Taylor

  1. LaRon "Liesl" Croft

    “Ted” was Edward ‘s name in our German language program. He was such a delightful person!
    One of my favorite stories was about his Subaru that was “chewed up” by the machine that was meant to clear the streets of snow!
    We loved to share grandchild stories.
    I am so proud to have known the man who made such a wonderful medical advancement!
    Blessings to the entire family.

  2. Jacek Kozdroj

    “Ted” – Edward C Taylor, was my personal training client for almost 3 years. I always admired his unstoppable will to push his phisical limits even in his 90’s. We trained
    3 times a week and Ted never missed a session in spite of the fact that sometimes he did not feel well. He always brought with him tremendous spirit and inceadible charisma to the gym. We all felt it. My wife, Gabi, thought that he was the most positive person she ever met. He truly loved people. Rest In Peace, Ted. We will miss you! Jacek Kozdroj

  3. Paul Stenson PhD

    I never met Ted but knew of his great work in organic chemistry.
    Our small pharmaceutical company in Ireland (TopChem Pharmaceuticals) was just reviewing some of his work last week and I’m sure other chemists around the world will take inspiration from his work for decades to come – so Ted’s memory lives on through his work.

  4. Tom Stange

    The Taylors were good friends with my parents, Hugo and Helen Stange, in Princeton, for many years.
    Always very nice to me as well….
    Sad to hear this news. What a great guy!
    Tom Stange

  5. Colleen James

    Ted was one of the most exceptional people I have ever met. His energy and zest for life and his curious nature was contagious. I was inspired by Ted and my life, and the world, is better for knowing him. Rest in peace Ted. You will be truly missed.

  6. Robert Spielman

    Ted Taylor was an original. I have never met another person quite like Ted. He was the embodiment of everything good one could hope for in a person. He had a cheerfulness that was genuine and an ever present smile that never failed to lift my spirits whenever I saw him. He was kind, generous, and caring. Ted loved life and new adventures, but simple pleasures like a day trip to a vineyard to sample some wine, or just enjoying a cup of his favorite coffee while watching the riverboats from his window brought him great joy. Ted was indeed one of a kind. He will be missed by all.

  7. Liz Cassell

    Our first memory of Ted and Ginni was my 4 year old daughter asking Ted if he wanted to see some wild strawberries. He immediately said “YES” and then jumped up and hopped down the TOP of a stone wall to follow this 4 year old down the trail. Ted must have been 81 years old at that point! What an adventurer! We miss you Ted. Rest well.

  8. Otto Meth-Cohn

    Belatedly discovered my long-standing pal had died – I thought he was immortal!
    When I started the Grasmere Heterocyclic Conference in the UK Lake District 44 years ago, he was my first choice as speaker – and he and Ginni returned to most of the subsequent meetings. We roamed the hills together and he was indefatigable – and great company.

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