5 thoughts on “Slobodan Ćurčić

  1. James Pettifer

    It was a great privilege to meet Danny when I was at Princeton ten years ago, and he was always one of the nicest and most generous members of his Faculty and a stalwart of the Hellenic Studies programme. His scholarship was always open and nuanced and his work on the history of Balkan architecture will be with us as standard work as long as the subject is studied

  2. Marina Brownlee

    Danny was such a learnèd and impressive scholar, whose influence will continue to be felt by his admiring and appreciative colleagues and students worldwide.

  3. Amelia Brown

    I am very grateful to Professor Curcic for teaching the marvelous course on Thessalonike with the trip, and opening up my field of study to Byzantine art and architecture, as well as introducing me to some wonderful friends. I’ll always recall his insightful comments on light, space and sound, and the great course on Sicily too. He was always such a thoughtful scholar and friendly person.

  4. Stuart L Cohen

    I studied architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the 1970s where Professor Curcic was my architectural history professor. Professor Curcic offered me a fellowship in architectural history as a graduate student, and it is to my everlasting regret that I turned down his offer. I have fond memories of Professor Curcic and his enthusiasm for his field.

  5. Anthony Frigo

    I was a student with Danny at the University of Illinois and live in the same dorm.
    We had diiner together several times a week. I remenber sitting next to Danny at the first art class I ever took. Danny sat next to me and we were drawing a still life. I looked over a could not believe it. I said to Danny if you are that good you can proficiency this course. He showed his sketch book to professor. which he had a hard time getting back) .Danny did not have to take another art class. We were have dinner and Danny asked me can I proficiency other subjects .I told him sure .He did so with math as well. Again at dinner I ask Danny are you going to have to take any class. Danny laugh so hard there was milk all over the table. I roomed across courtyard at dorm .Danny would be in bed by 10 . While I was working until midnight. Great student ,great friend at the time shared same strange humor including puns. Danny dicided to teach I became an architect. Danny’s wife father taught my wife German at the Uof I .

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