2 thoughts on “Pierre Piroué

  1. Cathy Altadonna

    I am so saddened to hear of Pierre’s passing. I was working on the Jadwin Hall renovation, and met with him to discuss his new office furniture. He had 3 of the very old vertical files that he really wanted to keep, but I told him we’d get him new ones. I told him I wanted his office to be pretty. When everything was done, he saw me and insisted I come into his office and see what he had done. He had added a picture of Marilyn Monroe, and a vase of flowers on the conference table. He said, “See, I’m making it pretty.”
    He was so sweet. :'(

  2. Davide

    This is really sad news. Pierre was my “academic grandfather,” and he taught me a lot.
    Every time he’d stop by the lab he would spend some time chatting with me about physics, music, economics, CERN, and Switzerland.
    During the conversations he’d often say something funny, followed by a brief silence marked by his Swiss grin.
    A few minutes later I would realize in that funny sentence or joke there was actually a deep lesson from a wise man (“Consistency is more important than the truth”).
    He will be missed.

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