Joseph J. Kohn

Joseph Kohn, professor of mathematics, emeritus, a leader in the field of several complex variables, died on Sept. 13. He was 91.

3 thoughts on “Joseph J. Kohn

  1. Arvada Axel

    RIP to a brilliant mathematician and leader in the field of several complex variables, Joseph John Kohn. His legacy in mathematics is immense, and he touched the lives of many with his expertise and warmth. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Arvada Axel

    Professor Kohn’s ability to bridge cultures through mathematics and his dedication to mentoring the next generation of mathematicians made him a true treasure. His impact stretched far beyond equations and theorems, touching the hearts and minds of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

  3. Emanuel Wolff MD

    Joe Kohn was the assistant scout master of my Boy Scout Troop 405 Temple Emanuel in Manhattan. That’s another side of Joe perhaps not well known. I knew Joe when he was a student at Brooklyn Tech
    He was a very kind and caring Scout leader and I knew ,even as a teenager, that Joe would go far in the field of mathematics. He delighted in explaining esoteric logical/ sometimes number puzzles. Reading about his career ( quite by accident) some 75 years later, I am delighted and not surprised. All those who knew him in the intervening years are to be envied.

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