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  1. Evangeline Kubu

    In addition to his many outstanding scholarly accomplishments, I will always remember Bill’s kindness. I first met him when I walked into the room to deliver my very first Trustee presentation. As I looked nervously around the room, he pulled out the chair next to him and “literally and figuratively” offered me a seat at the table. I have never forgotten that gesture — and remain incredibly grateful for his example of empathetic leadership.

  2. joyce rechtschaffen

    Bill was a tremendously kind, gentle person. He was on my interview committee in 2006 and I met with him regularly on federal matters through the years. I always looked forward to those meetings. We worked together quite a bit because he was the Chair of the Council on Graduate Schools for a period of time and always sought my advice.
    I’ll never forget that he told me as dean, he read every doctoral thesis that was under consideration. He cared equally about the graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.
    He was a very special person who embodied all the best of Princeton and humanity.

  3. Almeta Bardo

    William Russel was a true pioneer in the field of engineering and a dedicated mentor to countless students. His legacy will live on in the work of his students and the many advances he made in colloid science.

  4. Xuefeng (Nick) Peng

    Dr. Russel hosted high table dinners when I was a graduate student. He was always warm and welcoming at these events and made us students feel comfortable. When I lived in the Graduate College, my dorm was very close to the garden of the Dean’s house. His garden was always open and welcomed graduate students to visit and enjoy a moment of peace. Dr. Russel left an unforgettable imprint on my life in graduate school.

  5. Prakash Patel

    Like all his students, Bill was a guide, mentor and father to me. My wife and I are saddened by the tragic news. We last saw him in 2015 when he visited the UK and enjoyed dinner at a London Restaurant. Over the years, a visit to the US (or more specifically Princeton) was not complete without catching up with Bill and at times Priscilla. He would invite us to his home each time for drinks and we would go for dinner. Those were some of the most enjoyable times and will always be etched in my memory. Fate had it that during my last visit to the US and Princeton, for lack of time, we did not contact him, now he is gone forever, but not from my mind and heart.

    Bill always cared for his students and loved to get involved in professional and personal life. Bill you were great as a teacher and friend, both during my days at Princeton and later in life. A visit to the Department or Princeton, will not be the same, but will enjoy the happy memories.

  6. Janice Stultz Roddenbery *77

    As a former APGA President, I had the privilege of serving on the first Dean’s Leadership Council, which Bill initiated as one of his many efforts to strengthen the ties between Graduate Alumni and the University. Bill was brilliant and accomplished, but he was also modest and respectful of others. He and Priscilla often opened Wyman House to graduate students and alumni, and made sure that guests would enjoy their gracious hospitality.

    One of the things I remember most about Bill was his voice. He always spoke clearly and his tone was both warm and dignified. I can hear it still.

  7. Shin-Yi Lin *11 MOL

    I was a Graduate Student Government Chair (2005-2008) during his tenure as Graduate School Dean. He and his team oversaw so much important work during my time at Princeton–some initiated by student leaders–including: the shuttle system, graduate housing lottery reform, decreased cost of dependent health care for graduate students, increases in social event funding for graduate students, the launch of the Princeton Research Symposium (it’s first incarnation), announcement of Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE). These each were steps towards improving the standard of living for graduate students during their time at Princeton and setting them up for professional success after graduation. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know him during his time of administrative leadership and service to the University and its graduate students.

  8. Brent Silver

    During my senior year at Princeton in 1998, Bill Russell was the director of the Princeton Materials Institute. He was a wise and helpful figure for undergraduates like me who had questions about potential graduate student careers. I am grateful for his leadership and guidance. He will be missed.

  9. Marybeth Shippole

    Fond memories of Dean Russell and his wife Priscilla. I had the pleasure of interacting with them when I served as the Food and Beverage Manager for the Graduate School . Personal food services included several of the Deans High Table dinners inside Procter Hall , as well as Deans dinners and receptions at the Wyman House.
    My condolences to the family .
    Marybeth Shippole

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