On the evening of October the 3rd, the ten thousandth user* registered to access the OPR Data Archive.

This is not as momentous as the world’s population reaching 7 billion people, but it is a moment to celebrate, nonetheless. The user registration system went on-line in late 2003 when we had 76 users for the year. Since 2006, however, the user list has grown by about 1,400 every year.

With a new powerful database engine and a completely re-written web application taking advantage of the latest server technology, the archive is capable of serving the current and future users reliably and rapidly.

In case you missed them, here are the most recent new and updated data releases:

  • Survey of Unemployed Workers in New Jersey (NJUI)
  • The Mexican Migration Project (MMP) — 134 communities
  • The Fragile Families (FF) Year 9 Follow-up (Wave 5)

* User here means a distinct email address. There may be people registered with multiple email addresses.

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