We’re at the Conference “Books for Children: Transnational Encounters 1750-1850”

This week the Cotsen curatorial blog is taking a professional day off, as all hands will be on deck during the 2019 international conference exploring how and why children’s books to cross borders. The subjects will include the analysis of publishers’ business models, the circulation of illustrations, genres that are taken from one culture to another and adapted, the books teachers use with students being educated far from home, Jewish children’s books, and much more.  Our speakers are as international as their topics; they hail from Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Friday’s program will be live streamed for those of you who would like to drop in.  The full schedule, location, and information for streaming is available on the conference website.

All panel sessions will be held in the Louis A. Simpson International Building, Room A71.

You may also watch Friday’s paper presentations via livestreaming, which starts at 9:00AM and ends at 5:00PM (Eastern Time), November 1.
URL: https://mediacentrallive.princeton.edu/ (Password: Cotsen111)