More Children’s Handkerchiefs from the Textile Collection

A piece of Disney merchandise from the 1930s. Cotsen 38797.

An American handkerchief that teaches an early version of signing from the 1830s. Cotsen 6319.

The collection has a copy of this English handkerchief printed in deep rose ink. The boys in the illustrations are doing everything except their homework. Cotsen 21350.

A different exercise in counting inspired this handkerchief. Will the upcoming census in the US inspire similar merchandise? Cotsen 23602.

Boys playing one of America’s favorite sports. Cotsen 38139.

Inspired by a board game of the same name published by William Spooner in the 1850s. Cotsen 40016.

It would be unthinkable to produce this scene from the famous puppet play of Mr. Punch abusing his wife in any children’s merchandise today. Cotsen 6425.

Marine biology with a touch of slapstick humor, possibly from the last decade of the nineteenth century. Cotsen 52858.