A Walter Crane Christmas: Legends for Lionel

Walter Crane, Legends for Lionel (London: Cassell, 1887), pages 24-5. Cotsen 11587.

On this unseasonably cold fourth day of Christmas 2017, a peek into Walter Crane’s Legends for Lionel should cheer us up for the New Year that is nearly here.  According to the preface, Crane made these drawings for his son Lionel in spare moments on cold winter evenings so the boy had plenty of amusement coloring.  A book was quickly filled up and when the manuscript was shown to the publisher Cassell, there was no question that it should be printed up for the delight of more children than Lionel Crane.  It’s a sentimental favorite and I hope this except will restore your holiday good cheer.

With his trusty lamp, Lion begins the holiday hunt on page 6.

Lionel hurries out of the cold into the welcoming house on page 9.

Let the revels begin!

Pages 10 and 11.

Page 12.

Page 13.

Page 14.

Page 15.

Page 16.

Page 17.