Earth Day website from Univ. of Buffalo

Earth Day 2009
1970-2009: 39 Years of Environmental Awareness
The University of Buffalo Libraries presents a CyberExhibit (originally curated in 2000 on the 30th anniversary of Earth Day) commemorating the anniversary of Earth Day, which includes: a brief history of Earth Day, a listing of selected international, national, state, local, and campus Internet resources, and other materials.

(Courtesy of Fred Stoss)


Frederick W. Stoss, M.S. (zool/ecol), M.L.S.
Associate Librarian
(Biological and Environmental Sciences and Mathematics)

2 thoughts on “Earth Day website from Univ. of Buffalo

  1. I think it is great that we are seeing so much awareness and action from all corners of our wonderful country. Let’s hope that next year awareness will be that much broader and we can see even higher achievements.

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