Experiment 4: My Visual Story

Because I geek out over photography, I thought the best way to represent myself visually (& without any words) is through a photo mosaic composed of a selection of the pictures I have taken over the years. Of course, I feel the need to explain through words, so here we go.

The basic explanation: The “large” photo is a photo of a tissue covering a face so as to visually make the photo a little more mysterious and less a depiction of reality. Within this photo mosaic, the tissue in the “large” photo is technically represented through many small photos that I have taken for friends, family, events, art projects, journalism, personal pleasure, etc.

The really real explanation: The small photos tell the literal story of my life experiences, where I have been, what I have done, who I’m friends with, how I’ve grown up. The larger picture is a symbolic story of my anxieties.  Is the person behind the veil really me? Do those small pictures of experiences really add up to explain my life? Is the process of self-discovery really this mysterious?

personal mosaic