Experiment 4: Live in the moment


Have you ever stood and looked straight up at the swirling snow falling upon you from a purely white sky? I have. This is that moment and the moment after.

[Based on a true story]

Featuring my dog, April.

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*note: areas with and without color are intentional (i.e. it’s not just unfinished)

Experiment 4: My Visual Story

Because I geek out over photography, I thought the best way to represent myself visually (& without any words) is through a photo mosaic composed of a selection of the pictures I have taken over the years. Of course, I feel the need to explain through words, so here we go.

The basic explanation: The “large” photo is a photo of a tissue covering a face so as to visually make the photo a little more mysterious and less a depiction of reality. Within this photo mosaic, the tissue in the “large” photo is technically represented through many small photos that I have taken for friends, family, events, art projects, journalism, personal pleasure, etc.

The really real explanation: The small photos tell the literal story of my life experiences, where I have been, what I have done, who I’m friends with, how I’ve grown up. The larger picture is a symbolic story of my anxieties. ┬áIs the person behind the veil really me? Do those small pictures of experiences really add up to explain my life? Is the process of self-discovery really this mysterious?

personal mosaic